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August 2015 Update!!!

April 18th The Melbourne Greyhound track ended their race season. This was our 19th year as the tracks official adoption agency. We arranged several shipments in April and the final count in our kennel was 22 greyhounds at seasons end.

There is uncertainty about future racing at Melbourne as the Florida legislature must have a Special Session, prior to July 1st, to make many decisions and Decoupling the card rooms from the requirement to race will be one of them.

In May, we orchestrated two shipments that emptied the adoption kennel at MGP. That will end our kennel presence until further notice. Our treasury would not support maintaining a kennel during the off months.

In July, we did an Independence Hall for 18 greyhounds that were displaced because of a Kennel Closing at Daytona Beach Kennel Club

The grand total, for GPA Central Florida, will stand at 8,022 greyhounds transitioned into adoption since we started at MGP for the race season in 1996.

We thank the 45+ adoption groups who have helped us over the years to meet us at all the crazy hours in all the 18 states we have traveled in the last 19 years.

Who We Are

Greyhound Pets of America, Central Florida (GPACF) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the placement of greyhounds into qualified, caring and loving homes or the shipment to other qualified adoption agencies in non-racing states. Greyhounds make excellent Pets and will amaze you with their kind, loving, calm nature. These "Gentle Giants" will leave paw prints on you heart.

GPACF is located on Florida's Central East Coast often referred to as the Space Coast since we are in the Shadow of the Kennedy Space Center. Our primary objective is the placement of greyhounds retiring from the Melbourne Greyhound Park. Since our greys are in fast company, they are eager to become 45 mph couch potatoes

On The Road

Greyhounds that cannot be adopted locally are shipped to other qualified adoption agencies in non-racing states and Canada. GPACF has been fortunate to network with many outstanding adoption groups throughout the country. We acquired our first trailer in 1999 and used it continuously traveling the eastern half of the US transporting greyhounds from the Melbourne Greyhound Park and Daytona Beach Kennel Club. We literally wore the trailer out transporting 400-500 greyhounds a year.

In 2002, through the support of the greyhound community, we were able to purchase a new 22-stall trailer. This vehicle enables us to safely transport and give greyhounds a chance of a happy retirement.

In 2000, we were able acquire a smaller trailer through a Matching Fund Grant from PETsMART Charities. This vehicle can be seen on the roads around the Space Coast and delivering greys to North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Georgia. It already has been instrumental in transporting many greys to northern states.

In 2013, we refurbished a 12 compartment trailer and installed a caboose to use during the colder months. A Generator to power the three AC units will replace the caboose during hotter months. The trailer is being used to move greyhounds from Sanford/Orlando and Melbourne to adoption groups in non-racing states.

Check out the photo diary of all the work that was done to help move greyhounds out of Florida

Helping out GPA Daytona

GPACF is committed to helping Florida greyhounds and has been maintaining the GPA Daytona since 2012. Dennis Tyler & Thom Lupton have spent hundreds of hours doing repairs and doing a complet overhaul to the trailer. Air conditioners and generators were all replaced.

Check out the photo diary of this major undertaking. Trailer Overhaul

Since taking over the adoption office at Melbourne Greyhound Park in 1996, we have helped transition over 7,800 greyhounds from racing. While we try to adopt as many greys as we can locally, we depend heavily on shipment to get most of our greys into forever homes.

GPA is award winning.
In 2008, President Dennis Tyler Named 2008 AGTOA "Greyhound Adoption Person of the Year" for details
In 2011, GPACF President Dennis Tyler received a People's Magazine Reader's Choice "Hero's Among Us Award"

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Help Us Help Them!!!

Your support is greatly appreciated.
In 2013, GPACF helped 19 greyhounds recovering from racing injuries.
The Vet Bill for surgeries was over $13,500.
If you would like to help
General Donations and can be mailed to us at
GPACF, 3525 Manassas Ave, Melbourne, FL. 32934 or through our Paypal Account.
We thank all those who have helped us in the past and your support
enables us to continue our dedication to the greyhounds

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